5 Minutes With… Redfoo

NEW HAVEN, CT: Red Foo of LMFAO demonstrates a swing during the 2015 Connecticut Open at the Yale University Tennis Center on Friday, August 21, 2015 in New Haven, Connecticut. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Connecticut Open)

Photo by Jared Wickerham/Connecticut Open

Musician Redfoo has been in New Haven this week, and the Party Rocker is certainly taking it all-in. Redfoo was a special guest at Tuesday’s Emirates Clinic, where he interacted with young tennis fans, hit a few balls and posed for pictures. When he’s not hanging around the Connecticut Open facilities or coaching US Open National Playoffs participant Ayaka Okuno, New Haven residents can find Redfoo dining at local restaurants and touring the city. We caught up Tuesday to ask what about his love for tennis, his New Haven hotspots and more!

Connecticut Open: You grew up around tennis. Could you talk about the importance of kids getting involved in the game at an early age?

Redfoo: I think it’s important for kids to get involved in all sports from an early age but especially tennis, because it’s such a mental sport. It teaches you how to fight, teaches you great principals of life. It teaches you to never give up when you’re down and go for it under pressure. It’s a fun game. It’s like boxing, but it’s safer. It’s a team sport as well, because you can play doubles. It’s just an amazing game.

CO: Did you have any favorite tennis memories growing up?

Redfoo: Yes! Coming back from Love-5 against my dad and winning 7-5, which was amazing! I beat my high school rival 6-0 in the third, which was great. I had never really beaten him playing just as friends, but I was able to beat him in the tournament. Also, going to Sweden to play on clay in the summertime is amazing.

CO: Do you have a special music playlist you listen to while warming up?

Redfoo: As musical as I am, I never do the music headphone warm-up thing. I gotta try that. I sometimes practice with music, but I like to be in my own head. I like the thought process, and I don’t like to really be distracted by music. I have to try that, though [Laughter].

CO: How are you enjoying the city of New Haven? Have you visited any restaurants?

Redfoo: I went to this restaurant called Barcelona – great place! I want to go to Louie’s Lunch, the birthplace of the hamburger, but its closed until Sept. 7. I probably plan to take my solo wheel, which is my one-wheel motorized vehicle, with my friend and check out some places. I definitely need to get some New Haven pizza! I’ve heard of Pepe’s and Sally’s, and I hear the mashed potato pizza at Bar is awesome is well.

Thanks a lot, Redfoo!

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