5 Minutes With… Genie Bouchard

KEY BISCAYNE, FL - APRIL 03:  Genie Bouchard of Canada during the Miami Open Presented by Itau at Crandon Park Tennis Center on April 3, 2015 in Key Biscayne, Florida.  (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Genie Bouchard is set to make her second trip to the Connecticut Open presented by United Technologies, as the hard-hitting Canadian sets her sights on a successful run in New Haven before heading off to the US Open. We recently caught up with Genie to ask about her life outside of tennis, including her time with Taylor Swift, go-to app and more!

Connecticut Open: According to your Twitter, you recently had the best night of your life hanging out with Taylor Swift. Could you tell us about that experience?

Genie Bouchard: I’m completely in love with Taylor. I know every word to every song, so her concert was me screaming and jumping for 2 hours straight. It was very exciting to meet her, she was as perfect and amazing as you would imagine. I apologized to her for being so sweaty and she told me it was ok and that she was sweaty as well.

CO: Do you have a favorite Taylor Swift song, and why?

GB: I love every song from every album, so it’s hard to pick one. From her newest album I think ‘Wildest Dreams’ has a really cool sound to it.

CO: Other than Taylor Swift, of course, what else is on your playlist these days?

GB: Whatever is on the radio, the top hits. Anything that gets me moving in warm ups and motivated.

CO: Also, you were recently at a Shania Twain concert and you were close enough that you touched her hand! Your reaction was priceless! What was going through your head at that moment?

GB: Shania has been a childhood idol of mine. Grew up listening to her albums. So to see her live in person was surreal, the kid inside me was beyond excited!

CO: Last August we asked if you were binge-watching any TV Shows and you told us about Hart of Dixie. Have you taken up a new series recently?

GB: I have not! I really have no time for TV shows.

CO: What is one app on your phone that you CANNOT live without, and why?

GB: Twitter! So I can stay in touch with my fans 🙂

CO: If you were not playing professional tennis, what would be your job?

GB: Air traffic controller. Random, I know.

CO: The Connecticut Open is played on the campus of Yale University. Did you have a favorite subject in school? Also, what was your worst?

GB: I loved math! Worst would be art, I have absolutely no creative juices in me whatsoever.

CO: First word that comes to mind, and why….?

CO: Water or sports drink?

GB: Water, more refreshing.

CO: Favorite Disney Character?

GB: Sleeping Beauty. She’s so pretty!

CO: Hard Court, grass or clay?

GB: Grass, can’t beat Wimbledon.

CO: Reality show you’d love to be on?

GB: The Amazing Race!

CO: Canada or the US?

GB: Canada, gotta rep my roots.

CO: Aisle or window?

GB: Aisle, I have to go to the bathroom a lot, haha!

Thanks, Genie!

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