5 Minutes With… Madison Keys

during the BNP Parisbas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden on March 14, 2015 in Indian Wells, California.

WTA Rising Star Madison Keys is set to make her first trip to the Connecticut Open presented by United Technologies. Before heading to New Haven, we caught up with the American to ask about her love for Disney’s Frozen, her puppy, favorite school subjects and more!

Connecticut Open: New Haven is known for its eclectic restaurants and pizza! Do you have any go-to foods or favorites?

Madison Keys: I love pizza. If I could, I would probably eat pizza four times a week. I like vegetables on my pizza, because it makes me feel a little healthier. But, I also like to add pineapple.

CO: New Haven is also home to Yale University. Did you have a favorite subject to study in school? Additionally, what was your worst?

MK: For some reason, I loved Chemistry. I don’t know why, but for some reason it just clicked for me. Funny enough, I hated Math. I was good at Chemistry, but I was terrible at Math!

CO: As a younger player on Tour, how does it feel matching up against players that you’ve watched on TV? What was your first “Wow” moment?

MK: Playing in World Team Tennis, being a teammate with Venus, and playing against Serena and Kim Clijsters was kind of my first “Wow” moment. I think that was my first introduction into playing people that I watch on TV.

CO: We’ve seen adorable pics of your puppy, who is now a year old. Could you tell me about him? Tricks? Funny stories?

MK: We’re still working on “stay!” He has “sit” and “come” pretty well, but he’s not great at staying places. As a puppy, he loves to chew on things. In the area that we keep him, there’s tons of wood. So he pretty much chews through that entire area, much to my Mom’s dismay. He also recently learned how to shake hands.

CO: You’re always on the road traveling to different tournaments. Do you have any TV shows that you binge-watch in-between tournaments?

MK: I’m the Queen of binge-watching TV. I usually do it while I’m on the road. I will download all the seasons and watch in a couple of weeks. In Paris I began to watch Friday Night Lights, and I got to the last season and became so sad that I stopped watching it! But after I got home from Wimbledon, I watched eight episodes.

CO: You’re a big fan of Frozen! Do you have a favorite Disney movie and/or Disney character?

MK: I am obsessed with Frozen. I’ve watched it about 25 times. I love Finding Nemo. I can quote the entire movie. The Lion King is probably my favorite Disney movie.

CO: What are your favorites from the following questions, and why?…

CO: Chocolate or Vanilla?

MK: Chocolate – I’ve just always loved it.

CO: Serve , Forehand or Backhand?

MK: Serve – It’s the only shot that the other opponent has no effect on.

CO: Netflix or Movie Theatre?

MK: Movie Theatre – There’s not a ton of good movies on Netflix anymore. I definitely prefer the movies.

Thanks, Madison! See you soon!

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