5 Minutes With… Petra Kvitova


Defending Wimbledon and Connecticut Open Champion Petra Kvitova talked with us ahead of her title defense at The All England Club to discuss coming back to New Haven, her favorite memory on Tour and what’s on her music playlist!

Connecticut Open: You’re a two-time Champion at the Connecticut Open and have advanced to three straight finals. Can you talk about your comfort-level with the tournament and what attributes to your success here?

Petra Kvitova: I feel at home there, very calm. I like the town, it has a great, historic university and so there a lot of young people around. The venue for the Connecticut Open is really nice too, plus I love their fast courts!

CO: This is your fifth time playing in the Connecticut Open. Do you have any go-to places to visit in the city when you’re not on the court?

PK: Yes, there is a sushi restaurant (Miso) near to where we stay that I make sure I always go back to. For breakfast there’s a lovely organic restaurant called Claire’s which is another one of my favourites to visit.

CO: We asked last year about your favorite memory on Tour and you mentioned it was winning Wimbledon in 2011. This question came a few weeks before winning your second Wimbledon title last year. Could you talk about your success at the All England Club?

PK: Winning the second Wimbledon title I enjoyed more than my first time. I felt every moment, I really knew what was happening. But, I think it was tougher to win than the first time too.

CO: Could you walk us through your practice schedule? Do you have a routine that you follow or does it fluctuate?

PK: Normally if I am not on the tournament I am practicing about hour and half in the morning and the same in the afternoon. I will also always do some fitness which takes about hour. I do this routine 6 days a week.

CO: Last year we asked if you ever binge-watch (Video: 1:58), and your response was “no!” Has this changed?

PK: No! I am still the same.

CO: What are some of your favorite songs right now? Tell us the Petra Kvitova playlist!

PK: I like some new songs in the radio.. Some of my favourite singers are Ed Sheeran, Pink and Geronimo

CO: You’re known on Tour for your great serve. If you could take any player’s shot, past or present, and use it for your own, what would it be and why?

PK: I have been asked this question many times before, but I am always happy to say that I am happy with all my shots!

First thing that comes to mind:

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Going to the movies or Netflix? Movies

Water or Sports Drink? Water

CO: Thanks, Petra! See you in New Haven!

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