5 Minutes With… Sam Stosur


Photo by Billie Weiss/Connecticut Open

Former US Open Champion Sam Stosur will take on Kirsten Flipkens tonight for a berth in the 2014 Connecticut Open presented by United Technologies semifinals. We recently caught up with the Australian to learn about her experience in New Haven, favorite TV shows and which WTA stars are her choices to win an arm-wrestling competition (besides herself).

Connecticut Open Blog: Can you talk about your time in New Haven and your experience here?
Sam Stosur: I’ve played here many times, and I have lot of good memories. I’ve made the semifinals in singles and won the doubles with Lisa Raymond. I’ve had lot of success, and I’m lucky that I was able to secure a wildcard in the last minute and come back.

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CTO: Do you have any favorite off-court things to do in New Haven?
Stosur: There are lots of good restaurants, and I certainly like to eat good food and experience the town.

CTO: You’re certainly famous for being a player that is physically fit and always staying in shape. Do you have an off-court activity that is part of your training that you look forward to?
Stosur: There’s not really anything that I really hate [laughter]. But on the road it can get really monotonous. It’s in the gym or on the bike or occasionally finding a swimming pool. When I’m home is when I really try to get outside. I have a trainer that likes to mix things up – swimming on the beach, things out in the park, and a bit of rock climbing. When I’m on the road I stick to a certain routine, but at home I can branch out. My favorite is kayaking in Sydney Harbor.

CTO: You’re one of the few players that actually wears sunglasses on-court. Do you remember the last time you played a day match without your glasses?
Stosur: It would have been sometime in the last couple of months, but it definitely would have been a gloomy day.

CTO: Is it harder for you to transition to a night match?
Stosur: No, it’s all about the sun and glare of the court. I think the first time I wore them, I was 14. It’s one of those things where you make sure to pack your glasses and sunglasses.

CTO: You’re also known for having rather infamous biceps, Sam. Well, famous I should say. Do you feel like you can rank players in an arm-wrestling competition?
Stosur: [Laughing.] Well, a couple of girls have some pretty great arms! Serena Williams has great arms for sure, Sloane Stephens and Francesca Schiavone as well [laughter].

CTO: There’s no arm wrestling happening in the locker room? What if there were a tournament, who would be your dark horse?
Stosur: Well, it hasn’t happened so far! [Laughter.] Maybe we can have an arm wrestling draw! Maybe Schiavone would be my dark horse.

CTO: We’ve been asking players about TV shows that they binge-watch. Are you into any shows?
Stosur: If I’m watching a season, I typically finish it pretty quick. But I pretty much watch whatever is on. My most recent is Orange is the New Black. I finished both seasons in about a week. I also love Modern Family and American Pickers. I also like Fast & Loud, which is a car show.

CTO: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Stosur: It would be a jet-pack, so I could be really fast. Only because when I was at Aetna Kids Day, a little girl was holding my hand and she said to me, “You can come to my house and play. We can fly there because I have jet-packed superpowers!” [Laughter.]

CTO: That’s hilarious! You’ve been on Tour for 15 years now. What do you still get refreshed about?
Stosur: This year I’ve actually been to a few new places, so that’s been refreshing and exciting. Winning is always good and meeting new people is great. Since you’re not home as much, it’s hard to keep in touch with those back home, but you have friends in every city you go to. So that makes it nice.

Good luck and thanks, Sam!

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