5 Minutes With… Belinda Bencic


Rising star Belinda Bencic of Switzerland posted three impressive wins in the qualifying field and now finds herself in the main draw of the Connecticut Open presented United Technologies against Barbara Zahlavova Strycova. We caught up with the 17-year-old Bencic to ask about her favorite school subjects, what it’s like to hit with Martina Hingis and more!

Connecticut Open Blog: So this is your first time in New Haven. What do you think of the city so far?
Belinda Bencic: I haven’t seen a lot yet. We just came yesterday, but we have a nice hotel and the site is very nice.

CTO: Are you familiar with Yale University?
Bencic: Oh yes. I know about the university.

CTO: What’s one of your favorite things to study in school?
Bencic: I don’t go to school anymore [Laughter]. I’m done with the obligatory part, but I really enjoyed Geography and English, and sometimes Math. But not always [Laughter].

CTO: We’ve know that Melanie Molitor, mother of Martina Hingis, has been your coach. Have you ever hit with Martina?
Bencic: Oh yes, I have.

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CTO: Do you remember the first time that you ever hit a winner against Martina?
Bencic: I don’t remember, but the first time I practiced against her I was really nervous and tried to do everything perfect!

CTO: So we were talking to Sara Errani recently and she plays Candy Crush. Do you play?
Bencic: Yes, I’m so addicted! I’m stuck on level 259!

CTO: Is that your favorite app?
Bencic: Not my favorite, but it’s really good on the plane when you have nothing to do.

CTO: So you’ve had a really good year. You went to the third round at Wimbledon and your ranking has gone up. In Charleston, you also made a good run. What has this year been like for you overall?
Bencic: I got a lot of confidence at the Australian Open, and I started to believe I could play with the top players.

CTO: Are you a movie fan?
Bencic: Yes!

CTO: Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Bencic: I like Jessica Alba.

Thanks, Belinda!

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