5 Minutes With…Sara Errani


We recently caught up with 2012 Connecticut Open semi-finalist and World No. 15 Sara Errani to hear about her perfect pizza, ping-pong skills, and Candy Crush craze.

CO: What’s the best thing about playing in New Haven?

Errani: It’s a good tournament to prepare for New York so I like to play there.

CO: You were a semi-finalist in New Haven in 2012, defeating Bethanie Mattek-Sands, Carla Suárez Navarro and Marion Bartoli along the way. What was your favorite part of the tournament that year?

Errani: Yes, it was a very good tournament for me, and it’s nice to go to New York after winning some matches. It’s important for your confidence going into the US Open so I will try this year to do my best.

CO: The Connecticut Open is played at Yale University, what was your favorite subject in school to study?

Errani: I like math a lot, but I don’t like history or anything like that.

CO: Are you reading any books right now?

Errani: Right now, no. I like the Internet more ha ha!

CO: New Haven is famous for its pizza, what is your perfect pizza?

Errani: I like it very simple.  For me, margarita is the best.  I really like tomato, mozzarella, and nothing more. Oh, and a coke! Just one coke.

CO: You are known as such a focused player on Tour and for grinding out tough matches.  Does your mind ever wander or think about other things while you play?

Errani: I try not too, because it’s very important in tennis to be focused in every point. I try to be very conscious of that.  Sometimes it happens but I try to stay really focused on what I have to do.

CO: When it does happen what do you think about?

Errani: Well it depends…it can be anything… sometimes I sing.

CO: Are you still a Candy Crush fan? If so, update us on your status. What level are you on now?

Errani: Yes, of course! I am on level 575 now. I am waiting for new levels.  I have finished everything, but every two weeks they add more.

CO: If you could play any other sport, what would it be, and why?

Errani: Basketball. I played for three years when I was younger and I have always really loved it. But I’m not tall so it’s very difficult.

CO: What’s the most challenging thing for you about playing on hard courts?

Errani: Well it depends on what kind of hard court surface it is because some are slow and some are very fast.  Of course, I prefer the slower ones, but I like to play on hard courts.

CO: In the New Haven Player Lounge, there is a very competitive ping-pong table. How good is your table tennis and have you ever faced off against other players?

Errani: I play at home a lot with my brothers so I like to play for sure. In Indian Wells and other tournaments I have played against Ferrer – and he is an unbelievable player!

CO: The Connecticut Open has a new name this year, which is the state New Haven is in.  Can you tell us about the state/region you are from in Italy: Emilia-Romagna?  What is your favorite part about living there?

Errani: The food is unbelievable, it is also very quiet where I live and the people are nice so I love it.


Thanks for your time, Sara!


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