5 Minutes With…Eugenie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard

CO: Tell us a little about how you’re feeling going to New Haven for the first time.

Bouchard: Well, I’m looking forward to attending because I’ve never been but I’ve heard it’s a great event.  What’s important is it will be a good warm-up for the US Open and the location is really close.  The courts are also very similar. Of course every tournament I play I want to do as well as I can but it is the week before a slam so it just seems to fit into place.

CO: New Haven is pretty famous for its pizza, what’s your perfect pizza?

Bouchard: I’m a pretty simple person, so probably the classic margarita would be my choice.  But if I could create my own I might add some mushrooms and salmon. That’s pretty random.  With the sauce and all of course too.

CO: Is that a Canadian thing?

Bouchard: No, I’m just addicted to salmon.   I could have it every single meal of the day.  I have it in my sandwiches and in my pasta so why not put it on my pizza?

CO: So Yale is in New Haven, and it is a well-known University.  Is there a subject that you are particularly good at?

Bouchard: I loved math.  That sounds really nerdy but I really loved it because you write the answer and it’s either right or wrong. In an English essay you can get points for this and points for that and it’s really up to the teacher’s discretion but math it’s right or wrong. You can get 100% on a math test, which was my goal every time. I often got it! It’s also the same in every single language, I just love the numbers.

CO: If you were hanging out at Yale with your college friends, what would you do with your spare time?

Bouchard: I would love to live the University life. All my friends now at my age, 20, are at Universities so I look at their posts on Facebook and I think I would love to experience that.  Of course I love my life and what I do more, but it looks so fun.  But I don’t know what that life is and I don’t know what they do with most of their time.  I guess they hang out and have cool parties and meet some cute boys.  I could do well with that!

CO: What’s the weirdest or coolest thing you’ve done in the last year on Tour?

Bouchard: Well the coolest by far was the helicopter I took in Acapulco, that’s been my best experience on tour and of my life.  I feel so lucky to be able to do such insane things. I took a helicopter to a yacht and then a yacht out to a floating tennis court in the middle of Acapulco Bay.  I was with Gregor Dimitrov and we hit on court and jumped in after and it was to promote the surface change from clay to hard.  The doors to the helicopter were open and I was holding onto my phone so tight I was so scared! But it was the best two hours I’ve had in awhile so I’m so grateful that tennis gives me opportunities like that.

CO: So off court, when you go shopping, what is your favorite thing to buy?

Bouchard: My recent obsessions are with bags and shoes… really girly I know.  I went shopping in London after the French and I went to Celine and got a bag and my go-to shoes are Christian Louboutin so I got a new pair of those. Really girly stuff. But I also like the random stuff as well like Urban Outfitters.  I love to go to that store and find the random hippie things they have on sale. I’m not hippie but it’s good to mix it up.

CO: What’s a weird app you have on your phone?

Bouchard: Oh god.  I have this app where you put a picture in it and you can make the person fat! You can make their stomachs and arms huge.  I have done it to a picture of me playing on court and given myself a huge stomach and arms.  It’s funny when you take a picture of someone else and send it to them to mess with them and tell them to drop a few pounds.

CO: So you’ve had a lot of success on the court in the last six months, has there been an experience with fans off-court yet that’s been crazy?

Bouchard: I just feel that I’m being recognized more and more. Especially going back to Canada. But I haven’t been in awhile so I don’t now if they still know me or if they’ve forgotten about me. I haven’t been back home since April, but after the French Open I went to go visit my friend in Switzerland and as I was getting off the train there were people who were screaming my name and I thought, oh my god, what is going on? There are these moments where I think it’s cool but I have to be careful and make sure what I’m wearing is cool so I don’t look sloppy.  But most of the time fans are so nice and they say good luck and that they’re proud of me and I appreciate that.

CO: What is your goal for the summer with more expectations and more eyes on you?

Bouchard:  Since the beginning of the year I have felt more eyes on me now, and being ranked higher than my opponent most of the time I feel more expectation to win. I try to ignore that of course, I really just try and focus on my goals and what I have to do. I have high expectations for myself and my ultimate goal is to win a grand slam whether that happens this slam or the next one or the next year after, I’m just working every day to improve to try and get there.  And for the summer, I just want to enjoy it. Being back in North America a little closer to home, and I’m really looking forward to the hard court season.

CO:  You speak French and English, if you could speak a third language what would it be?

Bouchard: I would love to speak Spanish. I think it’s very close to French so I tell myself that I can pretty much speak Spanish although I really can’t.  I think I can read it pretty well but training in South Florida Spanish would help a lot. And I like Latino music as well! So if I could just understand what they’re singing and their songs and be able to sing along that would make me very happy.

CO: Any food you can’t live without?

Bouchard: Bread.  Haha!

CO: So you’re not on the Djokovic diet?

Bouchard: Clearly Not. In Europe, the bread just kills me its so amazing. Especially in France, the baguettes. Baguette a day keeps the doctor away.

CO: Favorite playlist on your iPod?

Bouchard: I have a gym playlist that gets me motivated. I listen to that before matches to get pumped up. There has to be some Justin Beiber on there. And some Miley Cyrus.  Also Kanye, Jay-Z and a little bit of Beyoncé. Anything up-beat to get me moving and feeling like I am awesome.

CO: If you could be in any music video?

Bouchard: Wow, I mean the first thing that came to mind was Beyoncé’s single ladies.

CO: Can you do that dance?

Bouchard: No, but I would love to have that rhythm!


Thanks Genie!

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