5 Minutes With… Petra Kvitová


This week we caught up with 2012 Connecticut Open Champion and 2013 Finalist, Petra Kvitová, currently World No. 6, before she heads to New Haven to compete in this year’s tournament. She told us a little bit about her pre-match routine, favorite app, guilty indulgences and more!

CO: You have been to two straight finals at the Connecticut Open, being victorious in one of those. What aspects of the tournament make it a great fit for you before the final major of the year?

Kvitová: I love Connecticut Open because I find it a stress-free event. It’s easy to get to the courts and hotel, the facilities are fantastic and the people running the tournament really make us feel comfortable. It’s nice and relaxed and I like that compared to New York…and I play good tennis there!

CO: When you are not in tournament-mode, have you been able to explore anything New Haven has to offer? Do you have any favorite restaurants in the area?

Kvitová: Every time I am there I am in tournament mode but I have been to a few restaurants and I like what I have seen. There is one sushi restaurant that I love near the hotel that I go back to many times called Thai Taste.

CO: What is the biggest advantage of being a left-handed player?

Kvitová: I think it can definitely help with the serve. My favourite serve is on the advantage court out wide to a right-hander’s backhand. I also think that it makes players think more and they are not used to playing against my spin and angles.

CO: What is your pre-match routine like?

Kvitová: I keep it very simple and relaxed. I get into my match kit, pick up my rackets from the stringer, put on new white grips every time, prepare my water and energy drinks, listen to music, warm up with my fitness trainer or coach, just stay calm and think about what I need to do in the match.

CO: Word on the street is you like to listen to pop and rock music. What is your favorite pre-match pump up song?

Kvitová: I have some songs before my matches and one of them is Safe and Sound for example.

CO: What is your favorite – or favorites – app(s)?

Kvitová: WTA live score app 🙂 and then of course facebook and twitter. 🙂

CO: It says on your WTA website’s bio that you enjoy playing basketball and volleyball – did you play these when you grew up? Do you have a favorite basketball team?

Kvitová: Yes, I played both of those sports when I was younger at school because I was tall, but tennis was my favourite. I don’t really have a favourite team.

CO: What is your favorite memory since being on the Tour?

Kvitová: It has to be winning Wimbledon of course. It was like a dream come true for me and I still remember the feeling after I served the ace down the middle. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will remember it forever!

CO:Are you a salty or sweet person when it comes to food? What is your favorite indulgence?

Kvitová: I am a sweet person definitely. I like chocolate and some biscuits.

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