5 Minutes With… Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitová at All Access Hour

Defending champion Petra Kvitova is back in the semifinals at the New Haven Open at Yale having won three straight three-set matches to get into the final four. We caught up with the 2011 Wimbledon champion to hear about her post-match routine, shopping habits and more.

New Haven Open blog: Another match, another three-set win. Tell us how you cool down after these matches.
Petra Kvitova: It’s good to have a massage and maybe an ice bath. The most important thing for me is sleep. I have to do press and then I go for a massage and have dinner and just relax. The thing I love to do is just go back to the hotel and lie in bed and Skype with family or friends or watch a movie. This week we have been to Basta [for Italian food] and a few other places. I don’t know where we are going tonight.

NHO: What about your coaching situation, it’s different this week right?
Kvitova: My coach is at home with his girlfriend who is expecting a baby in the next week. So for this week Petr Pala, the Czech Republic Fed Cup captain is here with me.

NHO: Are you in charge of planning a party for the new baby when it arrives?
Kvitova: I’ll be at the US Open when the baby is born, so I will be busy [laughing]. Should I bring back something? OK I will buy something in New York then.

NHO: What about some trophies from the New Haven and US Opens?
Kvitova: OK, I will bring back the trophies. It could be a nice picture, right?

NHO: You could reward yourself with a little shopping, too?
Kvitova: Well, I’m not the kind of a person to always buy something. I like to go and look around and if I really want something, I’ll get it. But I’m not shopping for things like I have to have them.

NHO: What are you doing to relax off the court when you’re on site here? Sometimes there are long breaks between practice and your match.
Kvitova: I love to be reading right now. That’s how I relax during the lulls. Right now I’m reading this murder mystery in Czech. I love it.

NHO: Do you ever happen to think about the book on court? Does your mind wander?
Kvitova: I never think about it on the court, no. Sometimes on court I’m not thinking about tennis the whole time, but that only happens when things aren’t going my way [smiling]. I have to tell myself to re-focus when that happens.

NHO: Yesterday because of a rain delay you were warming up on court and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova was hitting with her partner adjacent to you on the same court. Was that strange for you?
Kvitova: In front of the fans it probably seems quite weird. But it’s normal for us – we are around each other in the locker room and know each other’s games. We are always saying hi, me and Nastia.

NHO: Last year we did a video with you where you explained the meaning of the middle name of our tournament director, Anne Worcester, because it is a Czech word.
Kvitova: Kaspar! Yes, I remember! Anne’s such a great, friendly person with me. I have seen her a few times and she’s always smiling and is such a great director for the tournament. She is good to everyone – the sponsors, the players, the physios – that’s not easy. That’s a big thank you to her.

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