5 Minutes With… Liezel Huber

by Nicholas McCarvel


Liezel Huber is busy. Tuesday afternoon the defending doubles champion at the New Haven Open at Yale is waiting on a golf cart for me. She’s just won her doubles match with partner Nuria Llagostera Vives (she won here a year ago with Lisa Raymond) and she’s about to head off to an autograph session with Wayne Bryan. A day earlier, she was a part of the aetna “What’s your healthy?” symposium, speaking to young girls about finding a balance in their lives. For now, I balance on the back seat of the cart with her and we’re whisked away. Five minutes and counting…

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New Haven Open blog: OK we’ve got only a few minutes. Let’s do this. Tell me the your best on-court memory from throughout your career? 
Liezel Huber: So many great moments! Oh man! Winning the U.S. Open in New York as an American. [She won in 2011 with Raymond.]

NHO: What about your funniest moment?
Huber: I’m not very funny [laughing]. [At this point her husband Tony chimes in, dead-panning: “There’s nothing funny.”] Oh my goodness, it has to be at the same U.S. Open when I thought we had won the match [and the tournament] and I started jumping up and down but it was actually just match point. The whole crowd was going nuts and I was so embarrassed. Luckily, we won the next point to win the tournament.

NHO: Three words to describe you.
Huber: Busy, busy, busy. [Laughing.]

NHO: If you could take three items with you to a desert island, what would they be?
Huber: My husband, my baby Joshua and… probably those electrolyte drinks – I’m addicted to those.

NHO: If you weren’t a tennis player you would be…
Huber: A humanitarian.

NHO: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Huber: Patience! Is that a super power?

NHO: It should be! OK what is your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?
Huber: Sour Patch Kids! [Laughing.]

NHO: Favorite place in the world to play tennis?
Huber: My house, Huber Tennis Ranch in Houston.

NHO: Shorts or a skirt?
Huber: Skirt!

NHO: Hat or visor?
Huber: Hat.

NHO: Finally, what’s the hardest part of being a mom?
Huber: Of being a mom? It’s… being a mom! Sleepless nights, teething, just doubting yourself and wanting to be the best mom. That’s all in one.

NHO: Well we’re sure you do a great job. Reward yourself with some Sour Patch Kids!

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