5 Minutes with… Angelique Kerber

by Nicholas McCarvel

Did you ever hear the story of the German who came out of nowhere to reach the 2011 US Open semifinals? That German was Angelique Kerber, and in the almost two years since she shocked the tennis world by making the final four at the year’s last major as the world No. 91, the left-hander with a solid baseline game has camped herself comfortably inside the top 10.

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We caught up with Kerber at Wimbledon this summer, just weeks before she was due to make her first-ever appearance at the New Haven Open.

New Haven Open: You’ve never been to this tournament. Tell us how you’re feeling coming into this year.
Angelique Kerber: I’m really excited to come to New Haven this year. I’ve never been there, so it’s going to be my first time, so I’m really looking forward to being there and having a good time. Every year being a part of the US Open Series is something special.


NHO: Do you know anything about New Haven itself?
Kerber: Actually, I don’t know anything about the city, just that it’s close to New York [smiling]. I know that Caroline [Wozniacki] has won there many times, but I’ve heard it’s a really nice tournament, so I’m very excited to go there.

NHO: It’s on the campus of Yale. If you could have gone to college, what would you have studied?
Kerber: Don’t ask, please! I don’t know [laughing]. This is a very tough question for me because Plan A was to always be a tennis player.

NHO: Well you succeeded with Plan A, so congrats! But you must read a little bit, right?
Kerber: I read a lot of magazines. They are… [smiling]. OK, OK I’ll tell you! Gala [a German magazine] is my favorite. It’s like OK! or People. [Laughing.] It is covering all of the stars and celebrities.

NHO: Since we’re in the middle of summer, tell us about what you love to do on the perfect summer day.
Kerber: I love to meet up with friends and go for a bike ride. I love to sit by the sea and relax – maybe having a coffee, reading books, listening to music and being in the sun. I love to go to musicals. I’ve seen Mamma Mia!on Broadway, and Newsies.

NHO: You road bikes around Paris during the French Open, right?
Kerber: In Paris, we rented bikes and went around the city; it was my first time doing that. We went to the Eiffel Tower and to a few restaurants. We were like tourists [laughing]. It was fun.

NHO: What is one quirk you have that tennis fans might not know about?
Kerber: I’m always on time. I’m German! I hate to wait for anyone [smiling]. [At this point her agent interjects, saying, “She’s the most punctual one on the team!”] I’m always ready.

NHO: Since your run to the US Open semifinals, what has been your goal on the tour?
Kerber: I really just enjoy my game on the court, enjoy my time out there. I try and focus to play good tennis and have fun.

NHO: OK so here’s a fun question: Google Glass is becoming popular for people to wear and show how they play tennis, or drive a racecar. What would you want to show your fans?
Kerber: I would love to ride a roller coaster with the Google Glass. I want to show the fans how it is. I love roller coasters [smiling].

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