Where the Players Eat – Wimbledon

Looking for a place to grab delicious food near The All England Club? Nick McCarvel suggests some great restaurants to check out in the village while awaiting mouth-watering matches at Wimbledon – you might even see a few players dining in there, as well! Check back next week for the New Haven edition of “Where the Players Eat.”

There is no food more famous than strawberries and cream at The Championships, but there is no better place to eat such a Wimbledon treat than on the grounds of the All England Club itself. But what about dining options nearby? We investigate five local hotspots that players and fans love to dive into following a long day of tennis.
Sticks’n’Sushi, 58 Wimbledon Hill Road, Wimbledon
Who doesn’t go to Sticks n Sushi? Ivan Lendl, Victoria Azarenka, Rennae Stubbs and more are those who have made their way to this sushi restaurant that actually has a bit of Danish flare to it (noted in some of the unique sauces used and wide tap selection). Rolls are decently priced and creatively prepared. This spot sits down the road in Wimbledon Central, meaning you might go here for a step away from the Village, but expect to see someone you recognize…
The Dog & Fox, 24 High St., Wimbledon Village
This is the local watering hole. If you’ve queued for hours and still can’t get onto the grounds, this is the place to catch the action on the big screens. But it’s also a place that plenty of fans – and players – go for a post-tennis evening, 1997 Wimbledon champion Martina Hingis has been spotted here during the 2013 Championships. It’s got better-than-average bar food and a wide variety on tap.
Taverna Italiana Restaurant, 28 Ridgway, Wimbledon
This Italian joint is off the Wimbledon beaten path, which is a welcome option for many. This location is said to be a go-to for players who may have pulled a big upset that day, treating him or herself to to a seafood pasta (one of their specialties). The tiramisu? To die for. And of course there is house-made gelato that must be tried, as well.
The Butcher and Grill, 33 High St, Wimbledon Village
This place is for the Andrea Petkovic’s and Goran Ivanisevic’s of the tennis world. What I mean by that is the spot – half restaurant and half butcher shop – is very low-key and accessible, a place where locals still do some shopping (for meat, of course!) but you can sit down and have dinner, too. What to get? Anything meaty will do, though the rump stake is a favorite. Add a house-made sauce like salsa verde and you won’t need any tea and biscuits for a snack later – you’ll be too full!

Cote, 8 High St, Wimbledon Village
A French Bistro in the Wimbledon Village, this spot is frequented by locals in droves, and can also find visiting players, coaches, agents and tennis VIPs having a nice dinner out. A Salmon Hollandaise is a popular choice to pair with one of their many wines, or the Haddock – a sauteed fillet wrapped in smoked bacon.

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