Rory Mcilroy Drives a Tennis Ball Through The Yale Bowl

During a little downtime on Sunday afternoon at the New Haven Open, we took “Wozilroy” out for a little driving. And this was not the kind of driving you do in a Lexus (though that would be nice). Out four-time defending champion, Caroline Wozniacki and boyfriend, No. 1 ranked golfer in the world, Rory Mcilroy were game to have a little fun.

He visited the famous Yale Bowl, across the street from the Connecticut Tennis Center, to take a couple of swings with a driver…at a tennis ball. While the uprights were not in place, he picked out another target, the tunnel entrance to the field, and proceeded to hit the tennis ball through in just a few tries.

Now keep in mind that this was Mcilroy’s first swings since his victory at the PGA Championship and he is resting up before heading to Long Island to play at Bethpage in the upcoming PGA event this weekend.

Watch the video here. And don’t forget to check our blog daily for updates on the tournament and other great videos like this! We’ll be covering all of the action down here at the New Haven Open at Yale and keeping you up to speed on all things tennis in New Haven!

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