TOP FAN Progress

It’s been an eventful few months leading up to the New Haven Open on our Facebook page, thanks to our TOP FANS. The competition has rivaled the best tennis matches happening around us! And now as the tournament approaches, TOP FAN will soon be coming to an end.

We’ve had a blast with everyone talking about star players, guessing pictures, testing knowledge, speed and wit! Though our TOP FAN changes constantly, some players have been involved from the beginning. It’s been great to see so many friends and families getting involved in the game together like the Volpatos and the Luckoors.

Players like Cathyanne, Bernie, Adi, Sue, Arun, Ravi and Emilijia have consistently been in the top ten and are sure to be contenders for the final prize. They’ve all proven themselves to be formidable players with their expert responses and informative posts of their own. We knew the competition would be fierce, but these fans really came to play!

With less than one week until the tournament begins, we only have a few more days of TOP FAN. We can’t wait to see who wins as all of our players race to the finish! The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 18th. As a reminder there will be five 3rd Place winners, three 2nd place winners, and ONE TOP FAN WINNER. The prizes are:

3rd PLACE: BAG OF SWAG- Receive tennis merch and gear that would make any fan jealous!

2nd PLACE: STAR PICTURE- Go on the court and get your picture taken with the stars of the New Haven Open!

BAG OF SWAG- Receive tennis merch and gear that would make any fan jealous!

1st PLACE: MEET THE STARS- Get a private meeting with one of the star professional players! You’ll get to meet,     have you picture taken together, and a personally signed ball from one of the semi-finalists before their big match!

RACQUET CLUB FOR 2- Dine in style with a TOP FAN meal for two in the luxurious and exclusive racquet club!

BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR- See the professional tennis world from the inside! You’ll get an unlisted behind the scenes tour at the New Haven Open!

FRONT ROW SEATS- See the action from the best seats in the house. Your ticket +1 guest will be specially upgraded to the very front row of the box!

TOP FAN PLAYER GIFT BAG- Receive the same gifts as the pros with your very own VIP New Haven Open Player Gift Bag!

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